The importance of using the external audit service?

The external audit service is defined as the service through which an opinion is expressed if the financial results at the end of the year give a true and fair view of the establishment’s business while ensuring that the procedures and laws approved in the establishment are executed, in another definition of the external audit service, which is referred to as that systematic process of obtaining evidence related to the elements indicating economic events, presenting them in an objective manner for the purpose of ensuring the degree of compatibility of these elements with international accounting standards and international financial reporting standards, and then deliver the results to the concerned parties.
We at Al KHADER & CO. Chartered Accountants offer the highest quality external audits in terms of quality, as we provide the external audit service in a risk-based audit method, through which we study all the risks of the establishment, do a comprehensive study of the accounting system to reach sufficient samples through examination we reach a sufficient professional conviction and opinion about the fair presentation of the financial statements, In addition to the above, we always provide with the audited financial statements report many important administrative reports of interest to managers and business owners, including comparative accounts reports by account and by classification, break-even point report, zakat report, financial ratio reports that include more than thirty financial ratios, financial failure prediction reports, and internal control defect reports that help administration to improve internal control tools to prevent fraud, theft and waste of establishment funds.