Benefits of Hiring A Payroll Service in UAE

One of the top benefits of hiring a payroll service for your organization is that it gives you the assurance that your bookkeeping responsibilities will be lessen and errors are also reduced.

In some ways, although you are not making a lot of mistakes, it still can cost you when you do your own payroll. The resources, time, and energy that you should have spent on making business strategies, implementing them, and expanding your firm’s horizon are being stolen by the payroll duties that you need to finish.

The payroll process can be quite complicated, thus taking so much time with all the WPS payroll, deductions, hourly or monthly wage, holiday records, sick leaves, overtime, etc. that you need to keep track of.

Since payroll is an essential part of a business’ financial side, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are even laws and regulations that payroll is associated with, and for this reason, precise records should be kept.

This is one of the reasons why if you are in the UAE, you need to outsource payroll services in Dubai since this is the key to organized and error-free payroll. With us, you can be assured that WPS payroll and all other duties will be handled by us with quality and free of risks.

Scope of Outsourcing Payroll and HR Departments:

  • Initial setup of the payroll components
  • Setup of holiday records for each employee
  • Adequate pay and deduction components on the payroll system to meet your requirements
  • Fine tuning of the payroll system to ensure smooth running of the payroll
  • Advising or drafting local labour contracts
  • Updating of compulsory elements according to the potential modifications/evolutions
  • Transmission and insertion of possible modifications of payroll elements
  • Sending of transfer orders to the bank
  • Pay slips validation
  • Updating of payroll elements (absences, paid leave) and office employees
  • Processing of monthly payroll for all employees, taking in account salary entitlements, other benefits, and all required deductions
  • Maintaining monthly payroll register for submission
  • Review of bank transfer letters, salaries/payroll cheques, and payment vouchers
  • Monthly payslips for each employee
  • Calculation of statutory gratuity payments
  • Annual salary certificate for each employee
  • Preparation of related certificates
  • Preparation of journal voucher by cost center
  • Calculation, preparation, and issuance of terminations, based on the client’s instructions