Court Expert UAE:

Being one of the leaders in Expert Witness services,Al KHADER & CO can help you in your legal issues. Professional certified advocates and a reputation for quality service can certainly provide you with an assurance that we are skilled in this field and a lot more. We are a regulated expert by Dubai Courts, Dubai Prosecution, Abu Dhabi Courts and Prosecution, and Sharjah Courts and Prosecution.


An accounting expert, corporate liquidator and financial judicial expert before the courts of the UAE Ministry of Justice

An accounting expert, a liquidator of companies, a trustee of Tbilisi, and a financial judicial expert before the Dubai courts

Accounting expert and liquidator of companies and Amin Tbilisi, financial expert before the courts of Abu Dhabi

Jurisdiction expert at Dubai Public Prosecution


Expert Witness Service



What Does Court Expert Entail?

There are circumstances wherein a certain case has technicalities that are beyond what the judge or arbitrators can grasp. This is because these people shouldn’t be expected to know everything. They are specialized in what they are doing but not with other fields, such as financial, medical, engineering, information technology, and other things. This is why the Court Expert or Expert Witness’ role is important when it comes to further digging into evidences.

The courts and arbitrators appoint experts to ensure that the technicalities in a certain case are well explained to and understood by the judge or the arbitrators themselves before coming up with a decision. The extensive knowledge that a Court Expert can provide can support them. The expert report for court that will be presented to them can be an aid to further understand the nature of the case. In some cases, the dispute lawyers can appoint a Court Expert or the claimant and defendant can both agree on assigning one to investigate or give an expert view on the case at hand. When lawyers seek technical advice to further understand the nature of dispute, it is called an expert dispute support. When the nature of the case needs to be clearer, the Court Expert is called and appointed. The assistance that a Court Expert provides to a judge is essential as it affects the whole case.

In light of this, expert for persecution reporting must always be considered before taking a step forward to a final judgment. Their expert witness statement can be used in cases. This is why dispute resolution services and expert witness agency are available everywhere for further assistance. They are the organizations that provide expert witnesses in court. It should be put in mind that these experts are court-regulated experts who need to have a substantial experience to be able to be considered as one. These people are qualified to provide dispute support in UAE.