Estates and Succession Administration


Estates and succession Administration services include activities of estates guardianship and management to ensure the realization of the heirs' interests, conducted by experts specializing in the field of administration, economics, accounting, law and Sharia. There are multiple services in this regard, the most important of which are:
Estate inventory and identification of its elements
The process of inventorying the estates and determining its elements depends on a range of elements and steps undertaken by the expert of Al Khader & Co. Office in order to properly and fully determination of the succession, whereby it could be limited in case that the deceased/ the deceased woman hadn’t made a specific testament that explains how it will be distributed. And in case of the existence of the testament, the deceased determine which of the heirs to whom the estate is to be distributed.              

 Expert of Al Khader & Co. Office undertakes a mission of determination and inventory of the estates, in addition to determination of its elements, accurately and perfectly,
through the limitation of all property and possessions of the deceased. Among the requirements that must be fulfilled in the limitation of the succession, the deceased shall be the sole decision-maker on the asset, or the official owner of the asset through contracts and covenants determined by the official registration authorities, in order for the asset to be collected within the elements of the estate.

Types of Estate Elements
There are numerous estate elements that are assessed and determined by  Al Khader & Co for every heir, in order to identify the percentage of succession for each heir entitled to receive an inheritance. These elements are as follows:
Rights These rights are classified into three types:

    1- Purely Financial Rights
They are deemed among the money that has to be evaluated within the money payable to the heirs. Purely financial rights shall be considered all money, including debts of the deceased, blood money (Diya), or rights related to the agreement rights or compensation for damage incurred to him. It's agreed that these rights shall be transferred to the heirs after the death of the deceased.
    2- Common rights
They are deemed the rights that have a similarity to a financial right and to personal right, as they are neither purely financial nor purely personal, and of a common nature such as: the right of debt postponement and the pre-emption right.
    3- Purely Personal Rights
Purely: means that doesn’t have financial element, for instance; the mother’s right to custody, the right of guardianship over money, the right to divorce. These rights are established for the person.
    4- Funds
Funds are one of the foremost assessments undertaken by Al Khader & Co. Office, given that cataloging funds is to collect all the funds owned by the deceased, whether these funds are cash or notables, including the funds owned by the deceased and not in his hand, such as the lessee, debtor, or borrower, and even the stolen money in the event of its recovery.
5- Benefits
The benefits are considered one of the elements of the estate, which are all the holdings that gained by the deceased through lending, testament, leases, or even endowments. These benefits have been evaluated as part of the estate elements, estimated to the extent that it's beneficial, and the benefit is transferred to the heirs.
Assessment of Estate Elements
Estate is deemed all personal belongings left behind the person before his death, through funds, financial rights, personal rights, and benefits. Accordingly,  Al Khader & Co. Office works on assessing these elements properly and accurately, in such manner enables you to organize and distribute them to the heirs.
The assessment is based on current market prices according to similar elements and active market prices for financial assets, relying on asset valuation experts.
Identification and Settlement of Estate Obligations and
Identification and settlement of estate obligations and debts is one of the most significant services provided by Al Khader & Co. Office in the field of heirs and successions, through identifying all rights related to the estate and obligations related to the deceased as to the debts and advances borrowed from the others, and identifying all these obligations in order that the heirs or the family of the deceased do not get into problems.

The employees of Al Khader & Co. Office identify all personal belongings left behind the person before his death, such as debts, advances, or indebtedness obtained by the deceased before his death. In that way all debts and indebtedness carried out by the deceased before his death could be settled, so that the heirs don’t fall into financial troubles that some other are exposed to.
The Expert of Al Khader & Co. Office provides a service of identifying and marketing the succession's obligations and debts having carried out the listing and inventory of all funds and real estates, as well as all related to the estate. In addition to, having arranged all funds owed to the heirs and debts, and determining the obligations to be recognized for all the family of the deceased, as from the legal standpoint. Whereas it is legally established that all debts and funds payable shall be expired from the succession or the remaining estate, where the remaining estate following the settlement becomes available to be distributed to all heirs. In the event that no funds remains from the estate after paying the debts in this way, then the company displays all the belongings, obligations and to be paid to the heirs until the payment is ascertained.
 Subsequent debts and obligations is listed before and after the death, and the creditors and the right holders are contacted, the obligations resulting from the estate are settled, and a detailed report is prepared in this regard.
Following up the cases against the estates
Cases filed against the estates by the third parties are received and represented before the courts and official circles, and all procedures of these cases are followed up.
Preparation and regulation of the estate accounts
Accounting systems for the estate are established, detailed accounts for its items are opened, and each heir's withdrawals are made, and he has the right to review it and express his opinion on it.

Maintaining all rights related to the estate.
We maintain valuable and precious stuff, as well as all documents and papers of the estate and its items in a safe place.

In case of anyone of the heirs desires to disassociate from the estate before the final settlement, we calculate his share of the estate of the monetary, in-kind and moral, carry out the necessary accounting work, prepare the disassociation report, hand him his share in accordance with the decree of distribution and prepare a detailed record of the procedures
and work of the disassociation
Dividing the estate money and handing it over to the heirs of the deceased
Upon completion of determination and settlement of the estate obligations, we divide the components of the estate among the heirs, each according to his share, hand over to each heir his monetary and in-kind rights, and prepare a detailed report on the distribution work.
Continuing to administer estate and property upon request
In the event that the estate parties wish to keep part or all of the elements of the estate without distribution, we administer, maintain it, collect its proceeds, distribute it among the heirs on a periodic basis, and submit periodic reports on the administration’s work.