Liquidation and Insolvency

We, AL KHADER & CO. –Chartered Accountants, are proud that we are one of the leading companies in the United Arab Emirates, specifically the Emirate of Dubai, in providing the services of the legal liquidator and cancel its registration, as we have experience for more than 20 years in that field, are qualified with an internal liquidator approved by courts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the authorities of Dubai International Finance Centre in Dubai. The liquidation and deregistration of the company's procedures, especially the physical part, can be very complex and lengthy. We at AL KHADER & CO. can cancel your company registration in a smooth manner within a short period of time.
Bankruptcy liquidation services
Company liquidation and bankruptcy services in Dubai always require exceptional expertise and practical knowledge to ensure that the services are carried out as per the legal requirements of the same.
Although it is a painful decision to dissolve or liquidate your company or its file for bankruptcy, you need to do so according to the established framework in the country for the business sector in which your business operates and the type of your company. It is often a confusing and complicated process that should only be carried out with a company that has previous experience in carrying out such operations to ensure that you can do it quickly without too many legal challenges
We are AL KHADER & CO.- Chartered Accountants, can offer you the best company liquidation and bankruptcy services in Dubai according to your needs

Why you outsource your company liquidation and bankruptcy services?

Due to the highly legal and complex nature, it is always necessary to outsource your liquidation and bankruptcy services to a company that can help with all your requirements.

An experienced liquidation and bankruptcy company will help you,

Analyze the entire process for ease of execution
Manage more complex processes and formalities
Execute the final closing process with ease
Ensure all legal requirements are met and complied with.

Why choose AL KHADER & CO.?
To benefit from the expertise and experience of a team of highly qualified professionals, AL KHADER & CO. can fulfill all the requirements for liquidation and bankruptcy services for your company in Dubai. We have provided a range of services to our clients with the utmost efficiency and quality to ensure that all parties involved in the process are satisfied and taken care of.

Our internal teams will work closely with you from the start until the liquidation and bankruptcy file is closed. We provide services across Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.

If you need a team that can help you get first class and affordable company liquidation and bankruptcy services in Dubai, AL KHADER & CO. is the best.