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Brief account of the office
About Al-Khidr Home Company Who We Are - Al-Khidr & Associates Chartered Accountants. - Al-Khidr Auditing Office is a control and accounting company regulated by the financial authorities in the United Arab Emirates and also registered in the UAE official authorities, such as courts, public prosecution, free zones, major banks and arbitration centers. Our official languages are Arabic and English - Osoul Auditing has been established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 2002.
It offers its clients a wide range of professional services in several fields, such as legal accounting, auditing, consulting, expert witnesses, dispute support, case management, fraud examination, forensic accounting, liquidation, deregistration of companies, business setup, payroll and human resources management, Trademark registration and protection, personnel transfer. – The company also serves as the second largest world's international association; therefore, it is privileged to be part of a global team, further enhancing the quality of services.