Accounting expert reports

If you suspect fraud or other financial or administrative irregularities within your company, or there is any commercial dispute that may compel you to obtain an accounting expert report, the company has an accounting system and a team of specialists in evaluation, verification and issuance of the necessary reports. By combining accounting and investigative expertise, the team gathers the evidence it needs to answer the toughest questions. We respond quickly and confidentially to resolve the most sensitive issues.

Disputes, investigations, and litigation matters require sound evidence to build the strongest possible case. We have a team of specialists who can find accounting evidence that may not be of interest to some.

Accounting expert reports cover the following cases:

* Malpractices by the accountant or the employee.
* Cash / embezzlement of assets.
* Financial fraud investigations in the United Arab Emirates.
* Fraudulent transfers.
* Internal investigations.
* Partnership disputes.
* Shareholder disputes.
* Manipulation of financial statements.
* Professional malpractice claims.